What people are saying about Carol’s presentations:

Carol’s Linked-In workshop for our executive group was useful, engaging, and pitched at the right level. Great practical advice and guidance.
Gerald Coward, Senior Finance Executive | International | Strategic | Commercial Partner
On the basis of a presentation Carol made on personal branding and effective use of LinkedIn, I tweaked my LinkedIn profile. Now I’m showing up 2 to 3 times as often in searches and getting job inquiries because someone saw my profile. Her presentation skills are excellent. She made the content accessible to her audience by using a variety of presentation techniques to engage us. I am very pleased with the results and would recommend that anyone who wants to enliven their job search should follow her advice.
Jolynn Nelson, Sr. Principal Quality Engineer
I have had the pleasure to attend two of Carol’s LinkedIn presentations. They are so informative and she makes everything incredibly easy to understand. What a great speaker!
Michelle Norton, DC, GFS, Chiropractor/Owner at Resolution Chiropractic, PC Helping Our Community Through Wellness-Based Chiropractic Health Care
Carol is one of the best speakers we have ever had at our Rotary Club. Her coaching about how to maximize our use of LinkedIn was as insightful as it was actionable. We all left with a greater understanding of why we should be more intentional in using LinkedIn, and principles for going forward on how to best engage others on that platform. Thank you, Carol.
Matt Gerber, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility at Corr Jensen
Carol spoke earlier this month to my writing students at University of St. Thomas’s Graduate Programs in Software. A superb guest-lecturer, Carol framed her knowledge and insights in a way that easily held my students’ interest. She covered an incredible amount of ground in her time with us, explaining the strategic use of keywords in a profile, the elements of an engaging professional photo, the value of a heart-felt Summary narrative, and much more. Carol’s passion for her subject lighted a fire in my students, and I can already see her guidance at work in their profiles!
Dorian Harvey, University Instructor of Technical Communication | Communications Consultant | Technical Writer, University of St. Thomas
Carol was a featured guest at our career transition group, CareerWalk. Through her warm style, specific examples and deep knowledge, she was able to get participants to take action to improve their LinkedIn profiles, even people who had heard about LinkedIn several times in the past. Impressive!
Carrie Johnson, MA-HRIR, SPHR , SCP Strategic HR Leader | Business Partner | Org Effectiveness | Change Management | Engagement | Talent | Culture
Over the past four years, Carol has made numerous presentations on LinkedIn to my networking group of medical device professionals, each time with great enthusiasm and professionalism. Carol has a knack for always coming up with a new twist for seasoned material. Group members always look forward to her presentations.
Bruce Bear, Educator | Chemist | Quality Engineer
Since 2013, Carol has been a guest speaker three times a year at the Senior Executive Forum program that I run at Lee Hecht Harrison in Minneapolis. She is one of the most popular speakers we book because of her ability to engage our participants fully and give them clear direction of what it takes to develop a compelling executive-branded profile.

John F. (Jack) Ruppel, Lee Hecht Harrison